Making group not clickable and make it clickable again after 24hours

Hello Bubblers,
Please how can i make a group not clickable and then make it clickable again in the next 24hrs.


Yes, you can. You definitely need to keep track of lastClicked somewhere. You can keep a lastClicked date in the database (probably to whichever thing is you are displaying in this group or in the current user maybe?). Then, when the page is rendered, you will conditionally enable clicks in this group when current date/time - lastClicked:formatted as days > 0

Thank you very much hergin i don’t want to do it that way, please is there a way i can make it visible in the current user date time, so that automatically the group will be clickable after 24hours, or is it possible to specify a time for it like may be it should be clickable every 12am every day.

I see what you mean now. The way you need is the backend workflows. You should still add a field somewhere called clickable. When the group is clicked, you will change clickable to no and schedule an API workflow which will be set it back to yes at midnight (or whenever you want).

You can also use database trigger events which is executed when some data is updated. The same logic will happen. When the clickable is changed, run a workflow to change it back to yes at some time.

More information here: Backend workflows | Bubble Docs

Thanks alot Hergin but the issue now is that i am using a free version of bubble, is there something i can do without using backend workflow, because i won’t be able to use it because of the free plan, is it possible to get something else done with the free plan . I mean using another approaches.

Yes, there is no backend workflows in free plan. Unfortunately, if you won’t upgrade, you will have to use the first solution which is applicable in free plan.

In the free plan, you can’t deploy to a live version, so probably, you will need a paid version sooner or later if you are seriously thinking about putting your app to work.

Please when i make the group not clickable, the element inside is still clickable, i’m I to make each words not clickable, so my question is does it mean i have to do each condition on the each of the link

It looks like group’s being not clickable doesn’t make the components same. Instead of making all with a conditional, you can put another group in front of this group of the same size. Initially hidden. Once something in the original group is clicked, you will change the clicked to yes and this group will show up to avoid clicks. See demo below:

And here is the editor: Tests for Forum 11 | Bubble Editor

Wow that is nice please, how did you achieve that, I think I can go with that

Check the editor to see the details. Link in the previous reply.

Thanks hergin i have been able to apply the sample to my work, i really do appreciate

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