Buttons become unclickable

We’ve been seeing a recurring issue with buttons in our application. On several pages, the buttons will work fine for a while, but then at some point during our development, they are no longer clickable. We do the Step-by-step debug and see that the click event never even fires. We did find that one of the issues with the buttons was a floating group preventing the buttons from being clicked. However, we fixed that and then saw the same issue come back. Has anyone else seen this behavior?

Also, we have been able to get the buttons to be temporarily clickable by removing the number of saved fields, however the issue returns shortly thereafter.


Hey :wave: @john21

It actually could be a lot of things. :thinking: Just off the top of my head, check your inputs to see if any of them are required fields.

Another idea, use the inspect to tool to see if anything is covering the button.

Yet another thing to check, make sure the button isn’t disabled by default or by a condition on the button itself.

These could cause that behavior.

If you share a video or maybe share your editor (view only), then we can try to take a look at it for you, if those ideas don’t work. It’s hard to guess otherwise.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Thanks @J805 for the quick response. If some of the inputs were required but not filled out, wouldn’t the button click event still fire?

We did use the inspect to look for other elements that might be on top and blocking the click event, but didn’t find any.

I’ll double check the conditions. Next this happens (it was pretty random), we’ll try and share the editor.

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Nope. When an input is required the button that uses its value in a flow triggered by the button becomes unclickable. If you do not want this to happen just uncheck “this input should not be empty” in the input element or elements.

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Yeah, @cmarchan is correct. The button won’t even fire. You can use a conditional on the element that says, when the input is not valid… make the border red. That way, the user will have some sort of feedback to tell them what they need to fix or fill in.

Hope that makes sense. :blush:

Thanks @cmarchan @J805 . I just checked all the input fields and none are required. However, I have some updates.

The form contains text inputs boxes (regular, email, phone) and one dropdown (for US states). If in the workflow Make changes to current user step I don’t try and set the User state field to the state dropdown input value, the button click event fires and everything saves fine.

However, if I add setting the User state field to the state dropdown input value, the button click event does not fire. Even stranger is if I click and change the value of the state dropdown input and then try clicking on the button, the event fires and all fields are successfully saved to the User.

Any ideas?

I am not sure I follow…

The button click event does fire when I don’t try and save the state from the dropdown menu:

However, the button click event does not fire when I try and save the state from the dropdown menu. I have to click on the dropdown menu, change it’s value, and then click on the button again to get the click event to fire:


Many of us are so familiar with our apps that perhaps when we explain to someone else we assume they know all the intricacies about it.

In order to provide suggestions for a fix may I suggest that you share as much as you can about the problem?

This is what I understand:

You have input fields
You have a button with unexpected behaviour
It seems that there are custom states involved somewhere

Perhaps you can reengineer the build like this:

Use a couple of input fields and a button
Re-create your flow from less actions to more elaborate actions
See where it breaks …

If you care to share your dB model, your UI, your flows … many folks here including me will be happy to help :slight_smile:

I have noticed this happening in our app over the last few days too but have not dug into it yet. I assume it’s to-do with our anti-double clicking setup rather than a bug, but if it persists I am going to dig in and I’ll report back if it’s a bug. Keep us updated on your end!

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Here a link to the read-only editor: Glass-and-bugle | Bubble Editor

The page in question is profile_v2.

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