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Buy Button/Stripe question

So I want to add a “buy” button to my marketplace and I’ll be using Stripe. I have a few questions:

What should the workflow look like? I’m thinking something like this:
Collect CC info, Charge the user, Send email to Admin, Send email to seller and buyer, Send event to Mixpanel, Navigate to Thank you page…

Does Stripe send confirmation emails?
If they do, then I don’t need to send an email, correct?

When should I register the user as a seller?
I’m thinking I should do this when the seller signs up and indicates it will be selling a service.

Can the currency selection be dynamic?
I have sellers in my marketplace from across the globe. But I can only select one currency in the workflow. How do I do this?

Thanks for your time!



Your workflow looks fine, except for the collect CC info step, because the charge user action prompts the user to enter their credit card info (the collect CC action, as explained here, is for saving the card for later).

Stripe can send an email if you want to, it’s a setting within stripe (we recommend to do so). See stripe’s documentation.

Register as a seller ( is useful if you’re creating a market place and want some users to see to others, like Lyft or Airbnb. For a simple ecommerce website it’s usually not necessary.

The currency can’t be dynamic, but you can have a condition on a workflow and have different actions/workflows based on some circumstances. It’s probably the simplest way to do this.

Thanks Emmanuel!

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Charge the User/App fee

Hi Emmanuel,

So I need to see if I’m calculating the “app fee” correctly. I want to charge the seller 6% of the transaction. My app fee expresion looks something like this: Current Page Seller’s Price Per Hour * .06

Is this correct? How should it look?

I just realized that’s wrong…

It should be 6% of the price total…

Ok, let me rethink this