Calculate no of pages on upload files

Hello Bubble users, can you please help me find any plugin (paid or free) or if there’s any other way to calculate number of pages for upload file. File type can be .pdf, .txt, .docs


This plugin Pdf Viewer Plugin | Bubble - exposes the number of pages of the previewed PDF.

You can upload the pdf, preview it with the plugin and get the number of pages. If don’t need preview - you can make the plugin 1x1 px size and it won’t be visible on the page.

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Thanks @shpak.serhiy for your response! Do you know any other that would help us to calculate the other file types?

No idea on the plugins that can show the number of pages of txt or doc files. If this is something critical I would search external services that are used for document creation/storage/preview and see whether its API allows to get this data.

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