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Calculate with dynamic text (number) as a value

I have already managed to calculate dynamic “text” that shows a sum of “input 1” (currency) * “input 2” (procentege)

Now I am trying to make a new text field that sums the value of “Input 1!” - “the first textbox number value”

I Don’t know if I use the right terminal to explain this, but I want to basically calculate a sum of a variable text with another input.

Can I do this without a log-in user?

What do you want to sum with what? In any case you can often use calculations directly by calling the field you want to use. When you need complex calculations you can use several custom states

Thanks for answering.

I want this textbox to show a sum of input 1 (Inntekt 1 in the picture) - a text field (that alredy have a sum of another calculatin).

But it seems like I dont have the option to put in a value from a tex box. Only input boks.

Perhaps I do not understand what you mean but I see that field in the dropdown of the image you showed. It only does not have the 1 in the name

Hi there, @frk.jenssen… because I helped you in your other thread, I understand the issue here. The bottom line is you can’t use a text element in a calculation like that. However, if you replace the text element with an input element (which you can disable, essentially making it like a text element), you would be able to use the input element in a subsequent calculation. Make sense?


Yeah, that make sense. Thank you again! I now experience a problem with just the minus (subtract).

I can’t find out what to put behind the last value. I do not find sum so then I am a bit stuck.
I have tried many of those logical suggestions but it still wouldn’t work.

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 18.15.40

And sorry if this also is very basic. I am quite new to bubble and haven’t gotten the full understanding of those “insert dynamic data” -thing. And it seems like no basic tutorials are showing that. Ore in the forum for that sake so I hope this also can be usefull for others

You shouldn’t have to put anything after the second field… the field should accept the expression as the first input minus the second input. Also, if it was me, I would put the formula in the Initial content field (instead of the Placeholder field), and I would check the box to disable the input (if you haven’t done that already).


Omg I feel so dumb now. But it still now working. I think I manage to do everything you said. I also got a little bit futher by that it now accept the expression with those two inputs. But it still dont show up right.

I´ll add som screenshots of my settings + the actual result

Screenshot 2021-12-31 at 23.19.17

I am sorry for not changing the names from to english but I think you may get my issue by now :innocent:

In the first screenshot in your last response, move the formula from the Placeholder field to the Initial content field and it should work.

And for those others that stumble upon this thread. What I am trying to accomplish is to have the first input (currency) - the sum of the value/sum of that box on the right.

Translated from Norwegian:
First Box : Income
Second box: Tax%. Box on the right: Sum of Income - tax (how much a user pays in tax)

Then the last box below should be a sum of Income - paid tax

oooh, I did try it with no result somehow. but now it finally works! Thank you so much!

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