Doesn't calculate in text

Hi bubblers,

I’m new here and I have a wired simple problem. I want to calculate a sum with 2 different inputs and show the result in a text. My 2 content format’s inputs are integers.
But in my text appearance, after I picking “input number 1 's value” it doesn’t show me the symbol list as + - / *… And if I type stright the symbol it appear in white. So it’s shown but doesn’t calculate anything.
Could you help please?

You must use a disabled input field, as the calculated field.

I like to perform all calculations in an Expression Element (from the Toolbox plugin) so that calculations can be modified and used in other areas without impacting formatting.

Tanks for the quick answers !
I can’t see where my inputs are disabled : all the conditions are off. How can I activate them, pls ?

In the input element’s “Appearance” tab, there is a checkbox option “This input is disabled” Check this box.

Thank you Robert ! It works properly now.

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