Making calculations

Need a bit of help making calculations.
For this simple example, I have two input boxes and a text for displaying the result (live)
Calculation is just input1*input2
But nothing displays

And the workflow:

Hi there, @Helmar… you can do the calculation directly in the text field if you’d like. If both of the input fields have a content format of, say, integer, then you can define the text field’s value as input field 1’s value * input field 2’s value. Make sense?


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You are right. I could not make it work the first time I tried.

But in the meantime I was thinking that it should be a dropdown with the options: High, medium, low. corresponding to the intigers 3,2,1…

You need to add two change events for the first and second input. In which it is necessary to change the state (result)

31-03-2020 16-21-31

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