Calculating Fields

Hi All - I have a dropdown with three options (small,medium and large) and I want to store a weighting against these in the table so that I can use the data in charts eg small=1, medium=2 and large=3
I had thought to use a calculated field for this but I cant work it out or how to link to a chart :slight_smile:
My second option was just to assign the value to another field when saving which seems easier but I dont know how to put an ‘if’ or case statement into the ‘create new thing’ routine.

Do I need to use option sets or is there a another way to put in ‘if dropdown=small then field =1 else if…’?

Hi there, @marcoforte8… it sounds like you could use an option set with options of small, medium, and large. Then, add an attribute (number) to the option set, and use the attribute to define the number associated with each option. With that setup in place, you will be able to refer to an option’s attribute (number) any time the option is referenced.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike - This has now lead to a further query…sorry.

I want to filter the charts by either:

  • the current user
  • another user other than the current user
  • All Users

I was going to use the Created By default field for this but no idea how to perform this conditional analysis in the Search For option. Is there a way to do this based on the radio button selection?



Can I make the above conditional on the radiobutton selection?

Sorry - ignore, got it with the conditional settings …I think. Thanks

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