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Preparing database and datasources for survey data and charts


I’m new to bubble and heavily fighting with database and data sources.

What I’m going to do is to create a reporting of survey data. The data should come from perspective, a great funnel builder. They will be inserted into the database by webhooks. This is not part of my current issue.

The big question is: Can I, and how, solve reporting and charts the way I plan it?

My goal, an example of it:

The data in SQL would look like that:

My current configuration in bubble looks something like that:

Yes, the data that comes from “” is not normalized, so I have repeating text within the database that I need to filter/group out.

So while I can create entries in bubbles database, I cannot request them the way I want.

  1. Survey Answers (“Survey Values” called in the bubble db) should be grouped, because I don’t want to have the same answer shown repeatingly.
    I do create a repeating group with survey questions, then I create a repeating group with the answers:

  2. Showing the value works fine:

  3. Also showing the amount of answers I got worked fine:

But while I grouped the survey values, I cannot get the amount of survey answers that matches current survey answer, because by grouping, they got put together (or I don’t know how to model the query):

The output looks like this:

So my issues are:
A. How can I calculate the percentage of the answers, while they got grouped?
B. How can I have background rectangles sized by data?

Also did I tried to use charts, like in my example but failed hilarious:

The value expression seems to make no sense in my case, while I basically need to count each element and then deliver it as an array for values, but after the red marked text i cannot add “:count” or something.

Is there any hope?

Thanks for your help!