Calculations within Multiple Repeating Groups help

Lets see who can help solve this =D I have tried literally everything for days, i’ve purchased multiple plugins like the bdk tools (which wont hold the capacity)

{ My Problem Formulated Below}

-A single page app with a product store of (100) products.

-There are (7) repeating groups of “product categories”.

-Each product row in the repeating group lists these fields, which automatically calculates the sums on screen as the user clicks that specific product within the repeating group:
1. cost per item
2. total # of item’s
3. monthly financing variables

Within each repeating group i have an add and subtract button which automatically adds the item, cost, and amount into that specific repeating groups database. And it additionally divides the cost of the product up over 60 months which appears at the top of the group in the picture below. Users can click a button to change the loan term from 60, 48 , 36 etc as well, and it also adjusts accordingly. My problem is i’m trying to get all of the 7 repeating groups to add the total sum of products all together instead of individually per repeating group page.

I have tried to create a “master repeating group” called summary, which is just a data set stored as “list” the “lists” populating the 7 repeating groups. I also set my pages “thing” type to it as well, hopefully someone can solve this =D

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