Calendar as a repeating group? Like Hotels Calendars?

Hey guys, does anyone know the logic/workflow to build a multiple lines calendar, like Hotel Calendars?

I know we have a bunch of simple calendars, like Google’s, but I need to build a calendar with all the month days as columns, and using lines to represent each room available that a user can book for X days. Not the function, but very similar to Hotel calendars.

Call calendar schedule or suite plug-in does that. There are at least two more calendar plug-ins already that do that also. Before calendar schedule or sweet comes with a scheduling plug-in also. I would recommend checking it out

This is just a little shameless self-plug by the way

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@Viktor welcome to the community!

@jared.gibb is a top notch Bubbler. You will not go wrong with his plugin :smiley:

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thanks for your attention, @jared.gibb, and @cmarchan . I tried to look around but I think I’m too newbie for even explaining. I’ve updated the post with screenshot’s of lookalikes what I’m trying to achieve.

So far, the weekly native calendar looks promising, as I can display full day bookings and drag between them. I mostly need a way to separate each booking, per room of each booking itself:

And ignore the time bookings, of course

@jared.gibb just a heads up, your links in the plugins bubble page (the’s ones) are offline.

What did you need an example of?