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Calendar - help


I m experiencing a little issue, i m not sure its a bug so i will post it here
I have build a booking app. Users can book an appoinment to dentist, doctors and so on.

When users have choose:
step 1: business_type, (ex. dentist)
step 2: business_name (Dentist X)
step 3: member of this company,
I am showing all the bookings (events) in the calendar plugin

Now, the issue is that, lets say business_name has multiple members and our user decides to go back, and select another member. When they do this, it usually takes around 4-5 seconds to load the events in the calendar.

So here are the issues:

  1. I would like to show a loader while the events are loading. (Maybe “when this calendar events are loading” function here)
  2. If the user slides up or down, BEFORE the events are loaded, the calendar gets stuck with events of the previous member.
    The events are loaded correctly if for example i turn the phone in landscape mode.
    Also, the issue occurs only on mobile devices

In order to replicate the issue please do the following:
Go to: Booking.
Select: Beauty salon
Select: First item “Salon Ema”
Play with this 4 members

The link is asking for a username and password. Do you have a test login?

user: claudiu88
pass: claudiu88

Hi Gaby

Have you tried to replicate the issue?


Hey, it looks like the /mclient page doesn’t exist anymore. Also it looks like you’re working in there so I keep needing to refresh. Share the editor link?

i made a copy of it. Please access it here:
Link to editor:
Same username and pass. (can t turn it off)

Thanks for help

So, from my end is all appears to behave as it should, but you’re right sometimes when scrolling on the calendar, it gets stuck. Seems like a bug to me because without scrolling everything works.

You can file a bug report for this I think. Also, if you wanted to display a loading screen, I’d just do it with a popup. I added this for you, so this might solve your issue.

Look at the two workflows I colored in orange. First, I created a custom event that just hides the popup. Second, when selected crew is clicked > show popup > trigger the custom event after 2 seconds. So, it automatically closes after a 2 second delay and gives the calendar time to load fully.

Let me know if this helps!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble


Beautiful. Thank you so much. Never thought of that :slight_smile:


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Oooh! I am trying to create a similar custom event to hide a popup, but I’m missing the Element Actions option. Can you share a screenshot or some info on how to create this?


Thank you!

You’re missing element actions because you’re in API workflows in that screenshot.

Add a show popup workflow on the page with the popup and add the custom event to close it in the same workflow page. You might also be able to use “pause before next action” and set a duration (in milliseconds) within the same workflow and bypass the need of a custom event for this. It’s a new action!

API workflows are all about data, so you’re not going to have visual actions available for your endpoints. Make sense?

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Ah! I got it and have a custom event working!

Now, where is the “pause before next action?”
That sounds like exactly what I’ve been looking for but I don’t see it! I’m on my workflows tab, inserting new action, and looking in Element Actions.

Am I looking right at it?

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Ah ha! I don’t have that option. So strange!

@emmanuel, any ideas?

Thank you!

Have you refreshed the editor recently?

If you post a link to the editor it’ll be easier to help. With a screenshot we can’t say anything.

I did refresh before posting… a few times, and now magically, it is there. Thanks for scaring my computer into working. :slight_smile:

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When you see this try to do a real refresh (command R on mac) to clear the cache.