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Conditional data source problem using Fuzzy Search & Autocorrect

Please check the screenshots and comments below.
My conditional data source causes problems so I need an alternative way to show all on load.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

Doesn’t look like the calendar failed. That’s an incorrectly placed warning.

Is it the bafc calendar having issues?

Hi Jared
Thanks for picking up on my post.
Below are screenshots and explanations.
I was using the version that works when asking the question.
I didn’t want to confuse the issue by showing what happens when I update to the latest version.

Whoh :exploding_head:

That’s crazy @marksrunge! Sorry for the inconvenience. Can I take a look at what’s going on in the editor?

I can’t seem to reproduce this error. The latest version should be the most stable yet

Hi Jared
That would be greatly appreciated.
Do you still have my login credentials?
Many thanks.

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Yeah. I’ll check it out today and get back to you

Is there a working version at all right now. I can’t reproduce that error at all. Just wanted to be able to compare codes. It will check it out today.

hey @mrunge @marksrunge

when i logged in, i saw a bunch of errors. if you have time can you knock these out and then I can check back again. we need to rule these out before I can troubleshoot the calendar

Hi Jared. My start of day and I noticed you’d fixed those errors. Thanks, I was in the middle of changes at the time.
However, I still get no response on the calendar unless I go back to the earlier plugin version that did work,
Let me know if/how I can assist.
Many thanks.

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Actually the errors are there. Just didn’t show up at the start.
I’m fixing them now.

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Once they are gone, let me know and I’ll pop in and check it out! One thing I noticed is that you have several calendar/date/time type plugins.

How many additional plugins that might manipúlate dates are on the page having issues?

i found this to be empty so filled it in with ddd
Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 8.47.46 PM

Hi Jared. I’m about to send you a list of the 11 issues before and after plugin upgrade.
You should then be able to easily sport what we need to fix.

please only send the issues from after the upgrade.

Yep. Just showing what breaks after the upgrade (see example below. The error is red from after and the blue is what worked before.
If you go to App Data > Users and filter on Runge (that’s me) just use that profile.

Would you like to see the rest of the errors?

calendar just loaded for me running as mark runge

Sorry. The old version is up so I could find what worked before.
Upgrade to the latest version of your plugin and it won’t load.

And you’ll get the 11 issues such as the screenshot I just sent to you.

looks like you’ll have to fill in those properties. not sure why they broke, but you just need to reset those values.

Cool. Doing that now.