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Calendar plug-in issue in Iphone Safari Browser only (Chrome works fine))

Having an issue with the calendar. I have it set so that clicking (Touching?) an event opens up a new window so the user can edit the selected event. It work perfect on chrome (Android). you click the event and the window opens. On iPhone you have to long click till the copy/paste menu comes up and then click the event. Anyone else have experience with this issue?

I can check on my ipad, need a link (example). We are going to build a new iOS Android apps, so I need to know now what is not working :wink:
I supposed you talk about this? Work fine on iPad iOs 9, and Chrome (on ipad).

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Here’s the site specifically

To see the issue, click in any blank spot to create appointment, then try to click on the created appointment (this is where tgr issue pops up)

This is my result on Safari (Mac), but Ipad working the same (under Safari).

Look great on my side.

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ThNks jhon! That is the new session window, can you try clicking on one if those appointment’s you created? A different window shows up that allows you to cancel it.