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Call for presenters: tell our meetup about Bubble

Hello! I am a software engineer with 15 years of experience. I founded Refcode (see, which is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that helps refugees start careers in software engineering.

We have frequent meetups where we have speakers introduce new technical topics. I have recently started learning Bubble and I think it’s really exciting. No one else in the Refcode community has heard of Bubble or does No Code programming yet, so I’d really love to have someone do an introductory talk about what Bubble is and how to use it, and what the career opportunities may be.

This would be online via Zoom for now–though if you are near Atlanta Georgia, we will eventually be meeting in person again after Omicron hospitalizations calm down.

It is extra helpful if you are an immigrant yourself, but not required.

Hi! I am in Atlanta and have built a few Bubble apps. Also, have been a nocoder for quite a while so have seen the landscape evolved - would be happy to help out :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome! I’ll DM you, if I can figure out how.

That’s exciting. I’d love to be a part of the meetup for Introductory talks.

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I’ll DM you!

In my retirement I support a couple of organizations in Washington State that support refugees/immigrants organizations as they transition from random spreadsheet management to database. They have many programs and have come to the point they need better tools to run them. I hope to build some exportable processes for these kinds of ventures. Of particular interest right now are disaster relief tools/systems, that can be stood up instantly to help entire affected communities regardless of language, economic status and cultural environment. There is no money in it, but there is great opportunity for learning. And it’s a good connection to underserved, minority and immigrant populations and community base organizations.

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Eric, I’d love to learn more

I’m interested in because it could open up a great opportunity for your students to help out the organizations that support them and their families and friends. As an example, I work with the Latin Educational Training Institute in Everett, WA. They need to stop using spreadsheets to manage 20 or so programs for thousands of clients. they are right at the point of outgrowing manual processes. But they have minimal budget and technical background to make such a change. I’m helping them with bubble forms and Airtable to set up a program management system that will allow them to move without too much disruption to the next level of maturity. I hope we could replicate it for other organizations. They are an example that is close to an urban area, but there are many others that need the technology but are rural and can’t really find the support they need for a system. I think for small rural and disadvantaged organizations No-code offers the opportunity to quickly transform their processes. The problem I have that you might be able to help me with is that I want them to have “support-lite”. That is, places to go to help them that aren’t going to rip them off. No-code should be easy to support and if you have students who are ready to get some experience they could help develop and support the solutions as well as mentor the organizations themselves.
Anyhow if you are interested in having a zoom call, let me know. You can reach me at [email protected]