How to access custom front end worfkows

Right now, I have an event in the front end that is a “Schedule API workflow on a list” and it calls a backend api workflow called “create_planet_prompts”.

Is there a way for me to have the front-end event call a front-end custom workflow? Right now I can’t access the one I want “create planet prompts New Index”. Am I only able to call this on backend workflows?

You cannot call a custom event from the backend.

Thank you, but I’m an idiot. I meant that the event in question is actually in the front end. In stead of calling a backend workflow, I want i to call a custom front end workflow.

So, 1) can I do that, and 2) is it even a good idea. I figured it would be faster for the user. Is that correct?

To call a custom event in frontend, you use trigger custom event. It will not be faster. Also, keep in mind this topic: The Basics - Bubble Docs

ok. thanks. I’ll check it out.

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Also, you cannot schedule on a list a custom event in frontend. There’s plugin that can help however

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Thank you.