Calling an API in Server Side Action

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I’m trying to call an API in an SSA. I tried calling it using a standard request but I can’t get the key from context.keys["Authorization (shared headers)"] as for some reason, even though it’s running on the server, this censors most of the characters as *. So I thought perhaps I’d be able to call one of the plugin’s API calls defined in the API tab. Is this possible? If so you may have to spell it out for me.

I’ve been battling with what should be a really simple feature for hours now, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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P.S. Is there any thorough documentation for plugin building that isn’t a video course?

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Yes you can use POST calls containing JSON through the context.request function. I just documented how to do that to upload files to Bubble’s Amazon S3 in a Server Action. See the topic “Native File Operations in Server Actions”.