Can a non-coder really do it without help?

Hi everyone,

This might seem like a stupid question, but it’s one I must ask. I’m a marketer, and I’ve got almost no experience in programming (plenty of experience with Wordpress, if it helps). I’m trying to start a service marketplace, and I and my co-founder (also non-coder) were debating if it’s really possible to create something fully functional and debug whenever necessary without any prior experience with programming.

We were thinking of buying the Booky template by to jumpstart the platform, but it will require some changes and we’re honestly afraid we won’t be able to do it ourselves and will have to hire someone to help us, which is harder when bootstrapping a company.

Any non-coders out there that have done it and could share some of the setbacks and the wins? Do you guys really think that everything here can be learned from scratch? I’ve done a couple of courses on bubble already on Udemy.

Unfortunately, we want to keep the team local now (it will start as a local platform) and, living in a small town, there are no programmers around that would be interested in co-founding the company.

Thanks a lot!

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Hi, welcome to the bubble! Marketplace is very doable here in bubble. I haven’t sure how big is start-up that you would like to build, but since you were worried about debugging, my pro tip is you better build everything from zero and keep your investment for plugins & marketing plans. Just so you know zeroqode also has plenty of useful plugins. Good luck!

Yep, it is possible. Bubble is a very powerful no-code platform. All you need is time and diligence. You should start with Bubble How-To - tons of great structured info for beginners and experienced bubblers. After that you can go deeper with official manual and full reference. That will be enough in most cases to build a product by yourselves.
And use that forum for getting answers on your questions - Bubble has a big community :slight_smile:

Is it possible? 100% (I and many others have done this)

Is it easy and instant? 100% no.

Will the template help? maybe

Private Lessons are definitely the quickest way to learn.

Online lessons combined with a lot of motivation to build something over a couple months is a close second.

If you are motivated to the get this done and have the time, definitely do it! It is fun and empowering when you get the hang of it

Hey :wave:

I do think it is 100% possible. I have done it without any coding experience. You must have a lot of patience and persistence. This is one of the reasons why I started up my business to help tutor those who are looking to do what you are trying to accomplish.

Instead of paying someone to do the work for you, you can get taught to do it yourself. If you want to invest in yourselves and start learning how to work on your project, or how to edit the template, you can book a session with me and I would be happy to give you a jump start. Take a look at my schedule at and I hope to see you soon.

Most of my students get a huge head start on learning. Within one month, some have been able to launch their MVP with regular sessions with me. Otherwise, this might take you a while to learn the ins and outs of Bubble.

Either way, it is very possible! Just don’t give up! I hope you are able to create your project! :blush:

Jason - NoCodeMinute Founder

thanks a lot for the feedback, @artemzheg! Diligence is definitely one of the characteristics we are bringing into this. And I will certainly check out Bubble How-To. Cheers

Hi, @hanifyaskur! Thanks a lot, great to be around such a great community. I will definately check out zeroqode’s plugins and decide on the best way to go foward. Thanks a lot for the feedback.


Hey, @gf_wolfer! Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, not being easy is part of the whole entrepreneurial journey, so we just gotta roll up the sleeves work. I have been checking some online courses, plus Youtube material on the basics. The big question was if it is possible, after all, without programming skills. Based on your feedback and others here it seems 100% possible, so we just have to start doing it. Cheers

Thanks, @J805! I will discuss it with my co-founder and get back to you if we think this is the way to go. Cheers

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Hi @MarcoBrito,

Yes! I’m a non-coder (construction project manager by education and trade), and I built my app from scratch using Bubble because I wanted to learn how apps are built. I dabbled for a year learning how bubble worked, spent 3 months building my app after receiving Saas/Startup coaching from Omer Kahn at (awesome podcast BTW), launched my MVP last year, I have some paying users, and I’m working on a few things right now that will hopefully allow me to focus full-time on my business in a few months.

I couldn’t have done this without all of the awesome bubble forum people answering my dumb questions (thanks everyone!), and @romanmg from! She’s amazing and has a lot of great lessons. Her VIP courses are work the money. She also has an MVP bootcamp.

My advice: if you feel like you have a really good idea, build the ONE feature that sets you apart, launch it, get a few people to sign up and pay, and then get feedback from them. Then, update the product and launch to the masses. Don’t get caught up on perfection. Built that 1 feature, launch it and grow from there.

Good luck!