Can a non-technical person build a marketplace like TaskRabbit by using Bubble?

I have three questions.

  1. I know nothing about coding. The design of my website should look great. Would Bubble be a better choice for this purpose than other template-based sites like Wordpress?

  2. I want to build an MVP first then scale up when there are traffics. The website should accommodate traffics and transactions from around the world. Does Bubble provide such functionalities and features?

  3. Can I change and upgrade plans after building an MVP and testing the market (without a lot of hassles)? What are the potential issues for doing so?

If anyone can help me figure these out, it would be very grateful!

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Yes. Yes. Yes.

I built with Bubble. It’s a marketplace for booking fashion models for jobs, castings and influencer campaigns. Raised VC funding and will probably hire a dev team once I’ve nailed product market fit. For now, Bubble has got me this far.

Get stuck in.


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