Can a URL tell a dynamic page what to populate?

Not sure if this is possible so I’m just putting this out there if anyone with more knowledge can say bubble can/cannot do this.

I have a huge database of movies and TV shows displayed like Netflix and when you click on a title you get an iMDB style page, this is essentially a platform for clients to browse content and pick the titles they want to licence. I’ve also created the ability for clients to click an “add to list” button to generate their own list of content which can then be emailed to us.

however, we also get requests from clients saying can you show me all your Action, Drama and Sports titles for example, so I’d like to have the ability to generate a link to a page with all these titles pre selected so the client can just click on the link provided and its all there for them to browse.

I could create a user and add all the titles to that users personal list but that process would be tedious and not in line with how we operate. I may be talking nonsense but is there some sort of way to have a dynamic page that populates based on a specific URL that has been generated? like the URL contains something telling the page what to populate?

Yes, this sort of thing is a core feature of Bubble. In the same way that (presumably) you have a page where users can see the media they’ve added to a list, you can have pages (or the very same page) that can show other lists of media. In the case of “show me all your Action titles”, the source for that would be a search for all media tagged as “Action”, right? (And of course a URL parameter could be used to understand that if needed.)

Yep it can - and from what I know this is how you should generally be controlling navigation in your app.

You can configure your Groups / RepeatingGroups to load based on URL parameters. Without seeing your data structure, you may have a URL like (where this is the unique ID for movie)

Then on your page, for your group you’d have:
ger from url

ok so I did my homework based on your answers, very helpful! I got this to work (partially), one page has a multidropdown and a button sending the value of the dropdown as a parameter to another page

the other page has a RG and it displays this value

which is great, however, if I select 2 values from the dropdown it doesn’t work and the URL looks like this comedy

it accepts the keys value is a list of texts but if I send multiple values it doesn’t work? do the values have to be formatted a particular way? struggling to find info on this

is it not possible to send 1 key with multiple values as parameters? everything i’ve tried doesn’t work

You might find the discussion in this thread helpful. Sending an array of things in query parameter - #5 by keith

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