Should I use bubble for this

Hey Bubble forum,
I have an idea for an extention which I would make with the help of someone from fiverr using javascript etc. The features on the extention are very minimal. I need 2 main features on the website for selling the extention
-give users 7 day free trial for the extention and then charge them on monthly basis
-the extention should get automatically downloaded onto their chrome browser with the click of a button on my website

So what platform should I use to sell it as a SaaS? Just got a free template for SaaS in bubble shall i use that? Bubble seems like overkill for my requirements if i am not mistaken.
Saw other guy on youtube and he used webflow+memberstack+airtable+zapier for his SaaS.
Any simpler solution? or should i use the free saas landing page template i got in bubble? or maybe carrd+memberstack+airtable+zapier+stripe would do the trick?

Bubble is definitely capable of a lot more than what you’re asking for, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s overkill. My thought is that while you could accomplish this with weblow+memberstack+airtable+zapier…you could also accomplish this with just 1 service: Bubble (and maybe Zapier, although I’d bargain you could probably accomplish what you’re trying to do with the API Connector instead and save some $$)


Hello @ss.faisal135 welcome to the forum!

If you are a young Bubbler the best thing to do would be to use templates for learning/referencing purposes only. A template is an application. On top of having to learn Bubble you will be having to get into the template’s author’s mind on how he/she built the template. This is a steeper hill to climb even for experienced Bubblers.

Knowing the ropes of Bubble will provide you with ample flexibility for this and any other project that you want to undertake. If you are already stitching no-code platforms via Zapier you are already a committed programmer! Knowing Bubble will expand your reach :smiley:

If you want to get up and running in a relatively short amount of time (2-4 weeks) consider going through resources such as the ones below:

Best of luck on your journey!

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