Sell my app in SaaS model


I create a CRM app. I want to sell this in the SaaS model to other people/companies. Is it possible to do it on Bubble?

Shop on Bubble where you can buy access to the CRM app
---- Subscription do CRM - number 1
---- Subscription do CRM - number 2
---- Subscription do CRM - number 3
---- Subscription do CRM - number 4

and so on.

Yes! Very possible, there are tons of SaaS built on Bubble (I’ve built 4 myself)

Hi Help, can you share with us these 4 SaaS you made? I would love to see you, thank you!

Do you have some tutorial or any hint on how to do it properly?


The other two were sold and are no longer public :slight_smile:

You’ll want to use Stripe for the billing structure and use conditions and workflows for billing handling, behaviour based on plan. There is a lot of things I’ve learnt that can help

I’m more than happy to work with you on a 1:1 basis for consulting, you can book a calendar time here: 7+ Year SaaS Founder & Bubble Expert | TidyCal

Awesome, do you still work with these two products that you shared? I’m new to the excitement, do you have paying customers and things like that? Anyway, congratulations.


Yes I’m still very active on both, and both have paying customers and are roughly 2 years old :slight_smile: What are you working on?