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Can bubble web app detect if permission is granted for camera?

Hi, I am planning to use the QR code plugin and I want to notify the user on their camera permission status before they start the QR session.

Is there a way for bubble to detect whether the user has provided permissions or not? If so, I am able to set conditionals to easily give a heads up to the user to grant permissions once they start the QR plugin.

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out and great question!

Unfortunately, this isn’t natively available in Bubble. But, you might be able to find a plugin that can read this sort of information from the user’s browser and make it actionable in Bubble. IF something like that were to exist, you could then store that value or display it dynamically for the user.

Finally, if you aren’t able to find something like that. You might consider posting about it in the Plugins section of our forum as quite often there are users who might be interested in working with you to build the functionality.

And of course, you’re welcome to email us directly with any additional questions that come up to [email protected]

Alright, will try to post in the plugin section.

I checked the plugin section for keywords like camera, permission & status all turned out 0 hits. Thanks!