Search Bar To Navigate

Hello! I currently have a search bar that allows users to search from rock climbing gyms based on a field i’ve named “SearchField" that contains their name and location. I would like it so if the person clicks on the result it will take them to the corresponding page. For example, if they click “Junction London, ON” it will navigate them to the page "Junction”. I’m just not sure what to do with the workflow, so far I have SearchBox’s Value is changed.

Is “Junction” a hard coded page you have? If there are a lot of search results, you probably don’t want to make separate pages for each one. You should make a dynamic page that uses page data.

If you’re using hard coded pages right now though, the “Go to page” action allows you to dynamically set the page name in the action. So you could store the page name on the Gym data type, then on your value changed event, trigger the “Go to page” action and pass through the page name.

Again, would highly advise against making separate hard coded pages for each gym.

This is just for a school project, so we will only have 3 working gym pages and i’m not quite sure how to make dynamic pages as of now. Since it is a small project with lots of details and buttons on each page i’m going to stick to the hard coded for the moment (as much as i wish i could go above!)
Currently im using the Go to page with the name of the page, but then every search option leads to the same gym page. How can I set a condition that it leads to Junction when the search is “Junction”