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Can "Field to Search" include Data types that are 'lists of text' as well?

The Search bar and the Dropdown element have a field to search input.
Right now they will only search Data types that are “text”

Can the option be added to select a data type that are “list of texts”?

Actually I can build it out in a different way… with a separate database so that the types are not a “list”
Its a bit of extra work - but may turn out to be better - hard to say.

I was also finding that when I had a repeating group that was displaying data that was type - "list of text"

  • the constraint “isn’t empty” was not working - despite certain data fields being clearly empty…

That being said though - I would still try using a Search bar to search a data type that is a “list of text” - if that is not to hard to add on your end.
It would make it more simple on my side.

  • Then I would just need to find out why that constraint wouldn’t work