Can Group Focus be used in a popup?

I am using a popup to add or edit things. I wanted to use a Group Focus element in the popup for a search feature. I added the Group Focus but it appears on the underlying page. I set the reference element to the element on the popup and it moved below the popup but cannot be seen on the popup.

I went ahead and setup a repeating group in the group focus even though it was showing on the underlying page.
I set a trigger for visibility of the Group Focus however the group focus does not show the data in the repeating group. It just shows as a grey area in my popup.

Is the group focus not meant to be used on a popup?


Yes Group Focus do work within a popup, however its a little awkward as setting the ‘Reference element’ to say an element within the popup will assign, but wont attach in the more design way, it will just sit in the top corner of the page, so getting the position can be tricky if you need to customise slightly.


With regards to the data not showing on the page’s popup it sounds like maybe you need to specify the data source or send data to the popup e.g.





I’m having the same issue, was wondering if anyone could show me how to use a group focus within a pop up?

I’ve also tried to reference an element outside the pop up, but this doesn’t seem to work either. Does anyone know how I do this?


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I would like to know too!

The easiest way is to use a Resuable Element within a popup. Let me know how it works out, if it doesn’t I can show you another way to make sure it shows up.

Inside your resuable element, just include that group focus functionality. Should work as intended.