Can I build a Chatbot using Bubble?

It does not necessary need to integrated with A.I or Machine Learning.

I am looking at building something real basic, using pre-set flows to answer users’ questions.

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I’m certain you can.

But even basic I would recommend you need to have semantic analysis included (unless you’re going to try to keyword search a limited vocabulary and those word variations as well) to determine what workflow path to follow.

However this is not really as difficult as it sounds as there are a variety of API’s that can help do this at free costs for under a number of queries.

IBM has a bunch in their Watson API that I would take a look at:

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I’ve built some bots, and there are tools out there that make building them very simple. Bubble is more a place where your bot could be hosted and interacted with. There is chatfuel, Microsoft Bot Framework, Pandora Bots and a ton more to actually make the bots.

Really all depends on what type of bot are you wanting to build and how do you want it to interact with people (facebook, slack, SMS, website, etc)?


Dear gf_wolfer & john3,

Thanks for responding!

However, I just wish to know if I am able to build a very basic chatbot that is based on few workflows that I have pre-defined with.

As I am a non-coder, I do not really understand API and other stuff.

And this chatbot should be hosted on a web app, not current platforms like FB Messenger or Slack.

Thank you in advance!

I’m still getting to know Bubble, but it’s clear that Bubble cannot build 100% of a chatbot.

What you’re asking for requires, at a minimum, much much better text processing than Bubble supports. Bubble doesn’t “know” what’s in the text the user submits. All Bubble sees is a blob of data. You might possible be able to produce an extremely basic chatbot using extremely simple conditions, such as “do X whenever the user’s text contains Y”. I can’t guarantee even that will work and I’m sure it will be a dead end.

You can build the “chat” part (chat window, keyboards, emojis, popups, etc) for a chatbot in Bubble.

You will need to go outside Bubble to build the “bot” part. That’s why others recommended Watson, ChatFuel, Microsoft Bot Framework, Pandora Bots, etc.

So your Bubble app would interact with the user and then send the user’s text to one of those APIs for analysis and response. You’ll have to learn Bubble for the visual parts and one of those other services for the logical parts.


Hi there blueback09,

Thanks for your reply!

Well noted.
But like I had mentioned, I’m just gonna built a very basic version of a chatbot.
The bot does not have to understand human text or be integrated with A.I or Machine Learning etc.

Just a very simple flow of events that I had pre-defined.

For example: User search: Shoes, and bot shows them a bunch of shoes and allows the user to select one etc.

Hi there, I’d like to resurface this conversation as I am trying to look into a way to build a chatbot. However all of the interactions will be “pre-defined” answers apart for inputs requested from users to then use from the database.

I can see how this would potentially work in workflows however it seems very tedious and will end in many workflows

Any suggestions?

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