I need help to building an artificial intelligence application

Hi, I’m new in bubble, I wanted to create an artificial intelligence application. Which means that you ask a question and get an answer, I wanted to do something like this: If the text of the text box = for “Hello” then you will write in the label: “Hello you too”.
Thanks to those who can help me with this:grinning:

You will need to heavily use NLP (Natural language processing)

You will probably want to use some Third Party API to help you for your NLP functionality.
The Bubble API connector will come in handy for helping interface your app with whichever API you chose to go with.

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I believe you will need to implement a chatbot service using Bubble API.
Watson Assistant is one such reputable chatbot service.

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Sorry I don’t understand😅
But how can I do that?

Bubble of course is a good platform. But recently I came across some good tools like Botup, chatfuel which are no code AI chatbot building tools. Check out their websites as well.


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I think you might wanna use OpenAI in your use case. OpenAI is very powerful when it comes to making your own chatbot, or text creation in general.

You can search for a plugin called “OpenAI Language Task”. You might wanna start looking into this. Here is the link: OpenAI Language Task Plugin | Bubble

Hope that helps!

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