Can I build a form that collects images submitted by visitors?

Hi all,

I am completely new to this web app thing.

Basically I have no knowledge but I have a wordpress online store.
I am planning to sell customized shirts where my visitors can submit 4 images and they will be printed on a shirt.

What I envision is:
Step 1: User submits 4 images
Step 2: User will see a preview of the shirt with the images they submitted
Step 3: If user is satisfied they can checkout

This is what I want them to see

I also will need a way to receive the images. It would be great if I can incorporate this app into wordpress. Is this possible? Do I need the premium plan for this?

Yes, you can do this.

Don’t need a premium plan.

A plugin that helps with more complicated aspects of this is croppie plugin that lets you crop the user crop the image and you as the app builder can set the ratio for that crop as well as save the image file name for SEO purposes and limit the size of the image they upload.

Watch the video tutorials by bubble, they should be mandatory for new users as they are super useful.

Also watch / subscribe to the youtube channel “coaching bubble” and any others that are mentioned on the forum as resources.

Thanks, I will begin with the tutorials after work tomorrow. I’m excited now.

Is there a way to put the app on my wordpress website tho?

I am not sure exactly how that works, but I remember seeing on the forum discussions around such a topic and remember that it is possible to do things like that.

Search the forum and you may find answers and even possibly instructions on how to.

If your wordpress site is new and has not already brought together a following or SEO advantages, you may just consider building everything in bubble.