Can I build a search engine on here?

Hello everybody! I am hoping to receive some advice on whether I can link a search engine such as Google, onto here so that my app users could input a series of ingredients from distinct categories and get a recipe. I know that it sounds exactly like what google is, but the special thing about my app is that I will include helpful guides on kitchen management. the purpose of my guide is to help people reduce food waste by giving them this convenient place to search for recipes that include their near -expired ingredients and help them along with written guides.

hi, yes, this is possible.

You can create a datatype categories and a datatype recipe
Each recipe can have a list of categories.

When you create a recipe you can use the multiselectdropdown (download underneath plugins) to add several categories to it.

Then you could create a search index (type text) for each recipe. The search index (a field underneath recipe) can always be the recipes lsit of categories text, and its title.

Then you have an input users can use to search.

And a repeating group to show lots of recipes. And the repeating roup has as its source: do a search for recipes where search index contains keywords “search inputs value”:

Let me know if you want to make a quick video for you.

Sure ! A quick video would be great!

Here you go:

Thank you for your help! If it is not too much of an inconvenience, How could I link the google search engine into my app so that when my users type in their categories, it will bring up recipes from the internet?

Thank you for your understanding!

You could use an API Connector with a RapidAPI API for Google/Bing web search. These are, however, limited if you want to use them for free. You could pay, however.

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