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Need help building this specific database

Hello, I’m extremely new to bubble and have never built an app before. I’m trying to build an app that lets users search for recipes from vegan/vegetarian bloggers all over the web and lists the recipe on my app while also providing the link to the blogger’s app if the user wants to go there directly. Problem is, all the videos I’ve seen of bubble usually requires a user to input material into the database under their profile. Is there a tool in bubble that will let me as a the app owner build search functionality that allows the user to search the web for recipes matching what was inputed? Or search directly from the specific blogs I want featured? eg allowing a user to search for vegan pancakes from the web or will I have to manually input each recipe from each blogger’s site?

I’m looking to do something pretty similar - also very new to Bubble.

I’m thinking that the webscraping add-on to blockspring could help. If you can scrape the info you want (keeping in mind copyright of the owner) from the sites / blogs, then write it to the Bubble database then you should be able to use Bubble’s search feature to achieve what you’re looking to do?

I’m currently stuck on trying to work out how to update the Bubble database with information I have in If you’ve made any progress on this, I’d love to hear about it.


I use yummly for my recipe finding so I looked up their API.

It seems like 500 USD/month is their cheapest plan! Eek! (they had a request for academic and hackathon plans too, but no public pricing)

So I googled yummly api vs…

and came up with Big Oven’s API - I don’t know anything about them though.

That might be of some help :confused: