Can I connect an airtable database to Bubble for users to search from?

Hey Everyone, I’m pretty new to Bubble, so slowly learning the ropes at the moment and would appreciate any help I can get. There is a question I have around the usecase I’m trying to build for.

A top level overview of what I’m wanting to do: Users will need to add running gear to their wishlist when setting up a profile. Can I hook up an airtable database of running gear I’ve curated to my app, that users can add from to their profiles? And if so, how?

More in-depth explaination: Each user on the site will have to create a profile and when they set this profile up, they’ll have to add 3 items to their running gear wishlist (i.e. 3 bits of running gear that they’d love to receive from another runner). The gear items that they can add would be pulled from an Airtable database (this would contain a curated list of the 100 best bits of running gear). The idea would be that they search by ‘socks’ for example and then all running sock options appear, from which the user can select the one they like and it be added to their profile’s gear wishlist.

Hope that makes sense and would be grateful for any guidance on this :+1:

Yes, the Bubble created Airtable plugin is pretty sweet.

So add that, add they keys, and you can initialise and pull the fields. Then you can tick the “use as data” box and just pull back data using constraints in the “Use External API”.

Just as a tip - Airtable tables appear in the Bubble data types … so rename them something recognisable. Having two User tables (one Bubble, one AT) is annoying !