Can I count all records until Bill =?

I have a database with a number of records which change in order based on a number (I have the search descending order), for example, if Bill has the #1 and Gail has the #10 so Bill is at the bottom. But, tomorrow Gail is # 11 and Bill is # 20 so Bill is at the top (I still use the same search descending order).

What I want to do is count the number of database records until I reach Bill so that I can display that number automatically.

From the above example:

  • On day one that would be 2 records until Bill = 2
  • On day two that would be 1 record until Bill = 1

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I don’t want to use a repeating group cell index I just need to count the number of records until Bill.


Can you do a search or filter to get the records where sort number is less than, the sort number of that record, and then :count?

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Ah ha, thank you @mebeingken , that was enough to get me on track - thanks!

What I did was a search for the thing and then for the filter basically said if the number is > Bills number count the number of records and + 1 (to include Bills record to get the position in the rows).


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