Increment Number... Where is my brain

I want to increase of 1 “Number” in Type “Mandat”

From a page of type “Bien” I do this… Which is supposed to do the thing…

I start whith this data that I have pre-filled…

And when I run the workflow…
I have this…

As you can see, the value “Number” does not increment …

I tried everything before opening a topic …

Will the number always match the number of this Thing in the database? If so, maybe you can use Search for Mandat:count instead?

If not, you can organize the search like Do a Search For Mandag:sort by numbers:first item’s number + 1.

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Do a search for ur number and put a sort descending as yes. Instead of using count or max - use last item. It will search for the last item in that sort number in this case the newest number. Let me know of this work

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This way of doing things is good …

And it also works with…


Thanks :wink: @petter and @mstrmorgana


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Where is my brain


Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh, sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Too many hours in front of the computer does this to you. God, I even created the Brain data type and IQ field in my client’s app. Shoot me. Put me out of my misery, It’s better for everyone.


Count works too in these scenario but be careful when in future u need to delete an entry. A count of 4 with 1 deleted will be 4. But last item(first item depending on your sorting criteria) will be 5 because it will add up the current number. Depends on your usage. Cheers

Thanks @mstrmorgana