Can I do this with no plugins, and only the Stripe API?

I’ve hit a bit of a wall, and I think someone here might have an answer for me:

My web app is utilizing the “Platform” model, and I am letting my sellers implement both one off charges and reoccurring subscriptions via stripe connect.

Using the default plugin I was able to create a standard account for my seller, and connect them to my platform, and now I have their seller ID

Using the API connector I have successfully created and updated plans, customers, and products on behalf of my sellers.

I’m still missing the last crucial step
collecting payment info and charging customers!

Looking at the Stripe documentation, it looks like I need to work with Stripe Checkout, but that seems to be a JavaScript implementation. Am I stuck at this point without code?

I definitely don’t think I can use the default plugin.

I’m considering the bubble.js plugin, but I’m curious if cobubble had to use javascript to build that?

I am most interested in doing this myself, just trying to get some direction.

Thanks everyone!

Hey @alexsstockton,

As the name suggests, Stripe.js does leverage JavaScript. Features like client-side tokenization and charges (plus a ton more preconfigured API calls) come out of the box with Stripe.js, but you absolutely have the flexibility to choose how far to integrate it into your application. Some Bubblers prefer to leave just tokenization to Stripe.js and handle the rest with their own API Connector calls. :slight_smile:

For the future, be sure to @cobubble us so we get notified!

@copilot thank you! I’ll probably take that route. I assume you gave some documentation for you’re plugin, and I’ll go check it out :slight_smile: