Actually charging users without built in plugins

I’ve gotten a lot better with using stripe API’s, and I’ve handled almost every aspect of Stripe connect using the API connector. That last thing I need to do is actually charge a customer/ subscribe them to my sellers plan. However things appear to get a bit confusing, Do i need to use stripe checkout and actually implement java script to do this? I don’t see a way to use the built in bubble plugins for my scenario. I know that the co bubble plugin might work for me, but I was just curious what it would take to do it on my own.

No. No JS is required to use the Stripe.js plugin.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant stripe checkout.

If it’s just a 1-time charge, you can use “Charge the current user” and then check the “The payee of this transaction is another user” box:

But ya, if it’s a subscription, I’m not sure.