Connect Bubble Database to front end website


I would like to build a project (marketplace to book a trip) which rely on SEO/paid traffic and I don’t think Bubble is my best bet to do that.

However, I would like to use Bubble to build the back end of this project and allow users to add their trip, book a rental, …

My idea is to use a different tool for public pages like Wordpress or Webflow.

I am wondering how can I synchronise the database build on Bubble with the front end website ?

For example, I want to have a public page for best hotel in Paris build on Wordpress or Webflow with a dynamic listing of the database on Bubble and filters to adjust results.

And then when a visitor click on a listing it is OK if he is redirected to a Bubble page.

Single listing are temporary and will be deleted after the event is over so those pages don’t need to be SEO friendly.

Would you do that with iframe, APIs, others ?

Curious to know what do you think about this structure

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@Newman You can leverage Bubble API with Webflow or use no-code back-end like Xano.

  • Option 1 (easy): Static Landing Page (webflow) > redirect to Web App (Bubble)
  • Option 2 (medium): Dynamic Landing Page (webflow + xano) > Web App or Back-end (Bubble + Xano)
  • Option 3 (hard); Dynamic Landing Page (webflow + Bubble API) > Web App or Back-end (Bubble API)

FYI - Bubble Api (Settings > API > Enable Data API).


Hello @Oussama

Thank you for your reply.

I will have a closer look at Bubble API.

Have you build a project on one of the 3 options you described ?

To implement similar projects, I used both Webflow and Babble. I like the latter more for a number of objective reasons. Everything you need is in the Bubble toolkit, connecting an external site to WordPress will not be difficult. At first, I recommend using a third-party monitoring service to monitor how everything works and respond promptly to problems if they arise. If there are specific questions, ask them here, I will try to help.

@Newman yes, I’ve implemented “Option 2” and I’ve used this tutorial to connect webflow to xano api (How to display data from an external API endpoint in Webflow)

Yes, this is a really simple and effective guide that you can use to fix your problem. I also recommend using monitoring services for the future. For example, HostTracker as in my case, or something similar. In this way, you will be able to quickly fix problems.

@Oussama thanks I will have a look at their article

Hello @Drakang ,

Thanks for your reply.

Can you be more explicit on which part did you build on Bubble and/or Webflow ?

I know it will be easier and faster to build everything into Bubble environment but I don’t think it is a wise long term decision with their poor SEO performances (even with a well seo bubble optimized page).

For those it can help .
I decided to go with Bubble for backend sync with an airtable database and build a custom post type on Wordpress to display data on the front end from the aitable data.

It is time to build everything :rocket:

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