Can I make a game in my website using Bubble?

Hello everyone! I’m new to programming and bubble and need help to make a website described as below. Please help me with your inputs to achieve any of these processes.

I’m making a website which can do this -> On clicking a button, a popup window is opened, which has a game inside.
This is how the popup works = Each screen allows users to choose out of listed options and upon click toggles to the next step. There is a series of 9-10 steps for the final output.
I want to create this game in a single popup without going outside the popup window. How can I do this?

I love how the Bubble app works and am looking forward to bring my ideas to life. Thanks in advance!

Hi kedia, you can do this on Bubble.

Add a popup element.
Now add a group inside it. Name it group 1.
Copy paste this group, putting it in same location and name it group 2. Make it non visible on page load (in options of group if you click it and scroll down).
When you click things in group 1 you can hide group 1 and show group 2 instead.
Which group you show you can also choose using custom states.

To create the listed options you could create a new datatype called question and a new datatype called answer. Each datatype has a field called text.
Each question also has a list of answers.

At the start you can display one question and its list of answers (or options, however you want to call it :wink: ). The group can be datatype question. Inside it a repeating group with datatype answers with sourcE: parent groups list of answers.

When you click a particular answer in the workflow you can then count the right answers or show different groups etc.

Hope this helps.

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