Game level type Design


  I'm not sure if this is even possible with Bubble... I'm trying to create a game level map lobby type page. 

Something like this:

I have the background and scalable icons and map pack. What I have no clue of is how to implement something like this. I want to have an Icon appear at a certain level a user is. The number of levels could vary as well. Is something like this even possible? The only thought I’ve had is trying to use repeating group and having some sort of repeating background pattern but I still have no idea how to even go about making the level numbers dynamic or how to get a pointer to point to current level.

Hi @kilaigal

I love games, but I have no idea how to build one in Bubble. Let’s try what you’re asking for. I’m going to create a repetitive group with 100x100. Each square is an index. 1 to 100. Can you display the image inside the grid you need, and probably make a small animation? I guess totally here! To convert the game to Bubble, it will require the use of a maximum of ‘state’ to avoid touching the database. It has a ‘plugin’ that allows to change the position of objects, and even more. If you have any knowledge of javascript, you’re going to be able to go a lot further in my opinion. Good luck and success in your project.

Interesting thought. Not sure if Bubble is the right place to be doing this though. I feel like Unity or something like that is probably better suited for this. Still exploring!

Yeah, it’s not the way. If you want to learn how to make games, just go learn Unity, etc. There’s (quite literally) 100s of times more learning content for that than there is for Bubble… all of it free. And the tools are all free.

Bubble is good for if you want to learn (or re-learn) certain aspects of web development. And, in getting “good” with it, you’ll learn a lot of the web dev things and then you’ll be in a position to use other tools (if you choose) to build web things.

But you’ll be no better at making 2D games. (And I’m pretty sure as you learn to build 2D games that you’ll discover various ways to host them in a site. You’d also learn how to build 3D games, etc., etc.)

There aren’t any easily accessible tools for building what you want in Bubble. It’s simply not for that and won’t be for the foreseeable future.


I was pretty certain this was the case but I wanted to run it by someone anyway to make sure I wasn’t missing out something I did not know about bubble. Thank you for confirming.