Portal with a simulation library


I intend to create a series of simulations (same style as an “adventure” type game) in HTML5 using Construct 3 and I wanted to build a website to manage subscribers, access permissions to this material, protection of this material, payment system, control of access times, etc. The information collected from the simulations must also be included in the same database as the website. The problem is that I don’t know anything about programming. Is it possible to do this using Bubble? If so, could you explain to me what would be the way to have this developed, for example, what I would need to collect information from the simulations, etc? Thanks.

As long as you’re not using Bubble to actually BUILD the game, all of that sounds extremely plausible. You will, however, need to use the API to expose your Bubble app’s details to your game.

Thanks for replying.

But is it possible to use Bubble to create games or at least some kind of game? If so, is there an example that I can see?

You could make a text based game, but nothing beyond that as far as I’ve understood.