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How to make a quiz and host a game

I would like to make an app where you can make a quiz, it gets saved so you can play it again. I would also like the ability for it to get hosted or shared so someone else can host it. And I also don’t know how someone would be able to join the game. If you think you can help or if you know of a free plugin or template that might be able to help me with that, please let me know. Thanks!!!

I haven’t seen a template for this and doubt there would be one due to this being very niche. But you can search the forum and Bubble’s template marketplace.

I recall seeing posts in the forum with people creating question and answer applications – do some searching and you may find some that give you insights to get you started.

In any case, you’ll need to invest the time to learn the basics of bubble and apps (data structures, filtering, workflows, user roles, etc.) or hire someone to help you.

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