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Can I make a Mobile App Marketplace application?

Hi guys, I’m very new right now and I have a few questions I want to ask you.
Can I create a marketplace application by creating a mobile app?
Is there a data limitation?
Can I publish my app in app store and google play store?
Does the mobile app appear as both a mobile application and a website?
I would be very happy if you could help me. I am currently using it in the search section of the site.

Bubble offers different plans that should cover your needs.
Yes Yes. The method used is to “wrap” the Bubble app into a native app.
If you want it. Yes. But … I would suspect that in the case of iOS they would not approve a similar looking native app to a mobile responsive one. In this case, just design the app to have its own native-type UI that is different from the browser mobile one and you should be ok.
Hope the above helped a bit! :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand thanks, but I want to publish app store and google play.
and how can I make a good design can you help me?
which resources would be useful to me

Perhaps examining how some authors of templates have approached their design for native mobile might help

Hello @diojen213 and welcome to Bubble :partying_face:

link: 10 min. to build a FREE 0$ native iOS/Android app :large_blue_diamond:

Thank you very much, it was a very useful article for me.

Thank you so much. Well, can I buy and edit the template I want. According to the shape I want

Yes to both

thank you. How logical it is to design apps using both adalo + bubble? How logical?

You would be managing two platforms. Lots of back and forths, routines would need to be built to ensure data integrity is there, etc etc.

Adalo is a young platform, still with limited capabilities for the above. Lots of potential though, once they beef up their logic builder and integration back and forths. Love their UI builder!

I do not see any advantages … only added work and added limitations.

thank you.

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I have doubt.

When designing an app for mobile, I will be designing everything on one single page (the builder says i shouldnt change pages). So I will be just hiding and showing elements. My question is, what defines what is the elements that the users see first when going to the index?

If I have a lot of elements that hide and show with workflow, where is the definition of what elements appear the first time someone enters the site?

Also, you can check out an app I built which is ready to be wrapped to native (the page intended for that use … the other pages are for desktop use)

This way Bubble runs everything … mobile web, native mobile, and desktop web.


Thanks, but looking at your app, I cant figure it out.

My question is how do I choose what appears first on my page if I have dozens of elements that are supposed to only appear if some action happens? Do you understand my question?

Approach the build stacking container groups vertically (main benefit is to avoid empty vertical spacing)
Use custom states to manage visibility
Set them all to be invisible. Don’t forget to set them to collapse when hidden. You will make them become visible through custom states.

Here a quick example:

Hope this helps

Best of luck with your project :+1:t2:

Can you recommend a mobile marketplace template, friends.

Start with a free one as this is a good way to learn the concepts (provided that you follow and agree with how the author approached the build).

This one seems pretty interesting

Thank you, but I still have question marks. I think the bubble will be enough because I want to make my app as a mobile app.

Here two great native wrapping services once you are ready with your mobile designed app:

Hope this complements the picture :grinning:

Thank you, you helped a lot