Can I Prevent Notification Popups?

Hey everyone,

I am currently testing Bubble’s Stripe plugin and there is a very annoying problem:

After the user has paid, he is sent back to my page and I want to trigger some workflows. However, there is this browser popup with a success message:

Subsequent workflows will only run after the user has pressed OK.

Is there any way to disable these pop-ups or does anyone know a workaround?


Hey there @user4879,

What is that popup? A javascript popup? What does it say? I can’t read it.

Hey @johnny. This is just some default pop-up/notification, which you can modify under Settings > Languages. This one would be:

In your Stripe workflow, there’s an option to not show success message.

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Yes, exactly what @lantzgould stated. Below is a screenshot example.

Simply check the box.

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Ah, thank you so much guys!! :smile:

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