Stripe Subscription in Native app

Hi there,

How have you guys managed to set up the error / success messages in Stripe pop up, on mobile view? Users don’t receive the native “pop ups” when on mobile.

The concrete problem: After users put in their payment method and click subscribe, there is shown neither a error message or success message.

My current is solution is a webhook in backend flows and then a data changer that updates every second when on that current page.
It just doesn’t seem like a scaleable solution and it does not include being able to show a error message (eg. wrong card, card declined etc)


I personally use popups based on success or fail with an OK button so it should prompt every time it goes through and works on mobile as well. I just use a workflow that gets trigger when a stripe element payment was successful / unsuccessful that toggles the corresponding popup

Do you use the stripe plugin provided by bubble?

Yes, as well as stripe js.2, so I’m not 100% certain which plugin provides those workflows but it’s gotta be one of them haha.

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