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How to stop the Bubble pop-up 'We Successfully collected your CC details"

Hi All,

When a 'Collect the users CC information" is triggered a Stripe pop-up appears for the user to enter their CC details, after a successful entry an ugly Bubble pop-up appears advising the user the capturing of their CC details was successful.

Is there a way from preventing this from appearing?


Not right now. i think it’s important to show something though, don’t you think? As soon as you deal with people financial information more info is probably a good thing.


I agree, displaying something is important…but is there a way to catch the message and display it in a formatted way?

I would appreciate also to handle myself these user notifications.
Also because the workflow doesn’t go on without the user validation of the alert.

I’ll think about it. Right now we don’t return anything like a charge object after saving the credit card, so it’s a bit hard for you to have a message to display once it’s done.