[HELP] Play howler when new repeating group cell

Searched a little bit on this forum for my question. Cound’t find a fix for this. Maybe this isn’t even possible?

My question is “If i press a button it plays a howler, and sends the button information to a repeating group on a other page, but now a person has to stare the hole time on his screen wiating for someone to press that button. Thats not fun right? So simple, when the buttons sends a repeating group cell to the page it plays a howler on that page. Tried it multiple times by myself and dind’t get a fix…”

AKA: Play a howler when a new Repeating Group cell is created (on the page where the repeating group is)



On page load, store a state on RG that have the current :count of items in the RG.
Add a workflow that trigger when (everytime) condition is true:
RG:count > RG’s state
Play howler, update RG’s state :count

Thank you for helping, i will test it :slight_smile:

How do you mean “On page load, store a state on RG that have the current :count of items in the RG?” new to bubble xD :sweat_smile:

In the RG, Add a state (press i on top right of the RG edit). You will see add state. Give a name and choose number for type.
In Workflow, you will be able to select On Page load, Set state in Element Actions. Select RG and choose the state. Use RG’items:count.

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image but where do i say “Play HowlerA”

Not in the same flow.
You need to add another one (General: When Condition is true)
Run this: Everytime
Only when: RG.s items count > RG 'state
Play howler (step 1), Update state RG:count

Cant do “RG.s Item Count > RG 'State”

This is not your RG.
The RG in your previous screenshot was something like
Repeating Group statusA
(and this will be exactly the same thing that you have set for the value in Set state)

image i see, but still no “item count”

Select List of statusAs Like you have done in your set state
Then you will be able to select :count


need to add something, and there is no “state” option…

click >
After select again your Repeatingroup and you will have the state

Thank you, it worked :slight_smile:

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Got a problem rn, if i remove a cell from the database, it doen’st play a sound when a new cell has created… it only plays a sounds when there is a +1 sound, so it doen’st count down? just only up…

So if i have 5 cells, and i remove one. it plays only by cell 6 and higher

You need to add another flow
When Condition is true
RG’list of item:count < RG’state
Update state RG (and if you want, play a different sound :wink:

This don’t work? (changed state sound name to “geluidje”

No you need to update the State number with the new count of item.
Copy the first flow you have created with >
Click on the > and change it for <

Thank you, its works rn :slight_smile: :heart:

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So, rn i want to have a other sound for a specific cell name, how can i do this?