Can I run a diff on two app versions? Troubleshooting

The main dev branch I work on is having issues that I (and Bubble) are having a hellofatime troubleshooting (see my post here if you think you can help!) and I since I’m on the professional plan I have one other version, hot-fix, that I keep close to the live site. The hot-fix version is not having the bug that the Development version is having.

What I’d like to do now is run a diff between the two so I can see everything that I’ve changed since the last branch to try and pinpoint what’s causing the issue in Development. However, when I pull in changed from Development to hot-fix, instead of giving me diff options to choose from, it all imports without any indication of what’s different.

Is there a way to simply view the differences between two versions? Would be super helpful in this case, and in others I imagine.

Any ideas welcome!

You could do an export of both versions - to get two large json export files of your app.

Then diff those files. It may be useless but it might give you some pointers.

I’ve done this before but just to have a nosey at how the bubble app works :slightly_smiling_face:

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