Reliable way to diff two branches/versions

Is there a reliable way (either within Bubble or a plugin) to confirm the changes between two versions/branches in Bubble?

Even after you’ve “synced” your version, there is a chance that during the “merge” process you accidentally opted for a change in your branch when you meant to choose the change in Live or visa versa.

It would be critically valuable for Bubble to allow for a “diff / summary view” of all-up changes or at minimum a list of which pages were modified before deploying.

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I know when you merge two branches it will show a popup if there are any conflicting differences and you pick which change to keep. As for deploying development version to live version I do not think there is any log of the changes but only a way to revert. It would be nice if you could click to view changes and a popup comes up much like the one that displays errors with the app. Then selecting each item would take you to the element/workflow that was changed.

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Old topic, but I would love to know more! There’s got to be a way to know the differences between dev and production?