How to See What App Components Have Changed?

Does Bubble provide any kind of comparison between the dev version and the live version of an app?

What I’m looking for is an outline of what pages, reusable elements, backend workflows, data types and fields have been added, deleted or changed.

About two months ago I was making a lot of interrelated changes to an app in a much too stream-of-consciousness manner. Then, I had to step away for the past two months. My notes on what I’d done are far too sparse and cryptic to be of much help.

Does Bubble provide any tools for comparing dev to live so I can reconstruct what has changed and get back on track?

@laurence that functionality is not provided by Bubble

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Hey there @laurence,

Not that I know of. I do know that if development versions and the live version is out of sync, an issue checker pops up. I don’t think they have a dedicated tool for you to tell the difference in terms of changes you’ve made in comparison to live things

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It doesn’t help much in the near term, and I don’t know if it will help with comparing dev to live, but improving version control (for plans that support multiple dev versions of an app - i.e. Pro plan or better) is high on Bubble’s priority list…

With regard to dev vs live, something that occurred to me (but which I have not yet tried) is to export both the dev and live versions of the app (SettingsGeneralExport application) and use a diff tool (or import the files into a source control system like git) and compare changes that way. Of course, you’d have to be comfortable staring at JSON, but it might be helpful in refreshing one’s memory after a long hiatus.

Aside from that, I use savepoints heavily during development to mark milestones and “chunks” of completed work. I never walk away from a session without creating a meaningfully-named savepoint (or deployment). That way, I at least know that when I come back to the project, there are no changes after what’s listed in the revision history.


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Thanks, Steve. Those long hiatuses are challenging, but I’m starting to refresh myself.

Funny thing: the app I’m building will eventually facilitate tracking changes proactively - perhaps “pre-actively”. Not the app’s primary purpose, but a natural outgrowth.

So much to do; so little time. :slight_smile:

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