Can I select which mobile devices should see the Mobile Version of the page?

Not all mobile devices are covered by the ‘mobile version of the page’ feature. For example, I’d like my iPad Air in landscape and portrait to display the mobile version of the page but only my iPhone 5S is displaying the mobile version.

Is there a setting somewhere I can change this to include iPad or will I have to use responsive design to serve my iPad landscape and portrait pages?

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No not really, we only have mobile vs others, mobile being… mobile. So iPad won’t be part of this. But with responsive that shouldn’t matter too much does it?

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iPad Landscape is stubbornly ignoring a show/hide rule but I’m sure I’ll get it sorted out.
I’m using 768 as the ipad Landscape size but not working so far. I probably just have a conflict somewhere.
BTW, there are 3 places to set responsive rules - in Responsive view, in Conditional rule on element, and in workflow - which is the best place to show hide something on page load if page width is iPad landscape?

Edit: Just realised ipad landscape is 1024. Knew it was going to be an easy fix!

I found a way to fix that - just specify ‘On page load’ and ‘Page width < X’ -> Go to mobile version

The responsive approach @emmanuel mentioned is the better one of course!

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i have found that if you use chrome, and hit F12, you can adjust for different device sizes while tweaking in another window the responsive behaviour in the designer.

Better than trying to do it only within the designer.

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I would like to show different popups depending on the width of the page.

Currently I am doing “Current page width > 500 and current page width <1100”

Is it possible to do a Current Page is between 500 and 1100???

I saw something like that in the conditions section but could not get it to work.

I have a video as the background. The fallback image is shown on the iPad but the mobile version for that specific page isn’t used by the iPad.